Recovery and restoration service:frontea online,corp.

Recovery and restoration service:frontea online,corp.

NAS / RAID recovery and restoration

System restoration
In addition to restoration, Terastation, etc., check the damage situation of many NAS / RAID configurations and "restore" to a reusable configuration.
High recovery rate
Our proprietary scan engine consists of two engines, one for data only and one for files, and restoration is based on this original engine.
Achievements and prices
We provide services to many organizations such as private enterprises and government agencies at reasonable prices.
Diagnosis and recover
From diagnosis to restoration, usually 5 to 6 business days or so, results can be obtained. It is also possible to cancel the restoration service by looking at the diagnosis result submitted first.

First of all, please contact us!

  • File can not be read / broken
  • I cease to recognize it
  • I accidentally deleted and formatted it
  • Operation is unstable and funny
  • Unusual sound is ringing from the HDD




Time required (Diagnostic service)About 1-3 business day
Time required (Restoration restoration service)About 3-5 business days

※For more information,Please refer to the "From application to completion".

Correspondence contents

Supported RAID typeRAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.
Supported enclosure

General LINUX, Unix type server, Windows server, TeraStation (Buffalo) etc. NAS equipment

Supported RAID controllerSoftware RAID / Hardware RAID
Corresponding problem
  • Startup failure
  • RAID configuration failure
  • HDD failure etc.
  • Data manipulation failure
  • Erroneous deletion / misformatting etc.


Work itemPriceDescription
Research and diagnostic service fee¥10,000

The diagnostic fee is the cost incurred regardless of whether restoration is possible or not.

Recovery / restoration service fee¥40,000Up to 4 physical drives configuring RAID (except spare)
Packing fee¥1,500

Disk fee for saving recovered data costs separately.

Please inform us in advance if you will be prepared.

Shipping feeActual cost equivalent 
Disk verification fee¥20,000When involving disc verification of the actual machine
Special restoration cost¥20,000It will cost to answer your request and restore it.
Additional restoration service fee¥20,000
/1 Physical drive
If the number of physical drives constituting the RAID is five or more, the additional cost of the drive unit from the fifth one.