Recovery and restoration service:frontea online,corp.

Recovery and restoration service:frontea online,corp.

Blue screen with laptop « 2011/1/17 »

A business notebook PC got out of blue screen during startup and it became unusable. It seems to be a malfunction of internal hard disk when you check, but I want to restore even data alone.

SymptomOS start not possible for laptop computer
RequestData restoration
Aircraft info.Laptop computer, Windows XP
Fault locationInternal hard disk (C system drive)

Response to recovery

Such a single use hard disk may arrive without a long period of time from a slight logical / physical damage to an unrecoverable situation.

DiagnosisLogical failure of hard disk and detection of bad cluster expression

First, remove the hard disk from the laptop computer. Connect this hard disk to a machine dedicated for recovery.

After that, we succeeded in copying the files & folders detected in the scanning to the safe backup device.

Result99% Data Recovery Succeeded!